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Fees & Waivers

Fees & Waivers

​Outstanding School Fees

If you have outstanding school fees, you may do the following:

You can also sign up for services like transportation or noon supervision, pay fees and view or print receipts and statements for all of your children in one, central location. The system is mobile-friendly and works with your smartphone or tablet. Find technical help here.

School fees for 2019-20 are due when assigned. For school fee inquiries, please contact your child’s school directly.​ 

Find My School Fees

Fees are unique for each student, and are used to cover the cost of their specific activities, field trips, items or services. You can find the list of approved fees for your school on the Find My School Fees page. 

Create a Parent Account​​

To create a new account, go to this website:

Parent/Guardians will need to use the email on file at their child’s school, as well as their child’s CBE Student ID number and birthdate to begin.

On the MyCBE/PowerSchool sign-in page, you will find instructions on how to request an access key for individual students. The access key(s) will be sent by email. Families can use it to create an account, and add their children to their account.

2019-20 Transportation Fees


Yellow Bus Transportation​


​Eligible Rider


​Conditional Rider


​Questions? Contact 403-817-7433


Calgary Transit​ (public transportation)


​Grades 6-9 as designated and all 10-12


Please visit Transportation Service Level and Fees to see if you are required to pay transportation fees.

*The fees currently posted are based upon the assumptions outlined in the CBE’s 2019-20 Students Come First budget. A budget from Alberta Education has not yet been confirmed. Fees are subject to change once actual funding levels are known. 

2019-20 Noon Supervision Registration

Noon supervision registration continues throughout the year and payments can only be accepted once students are registered. You can register and pay using MyCBE/PowerSchool.

2019-20 Elementary Noon Supervision Fee

​*Kindergarten (full-day) and Grades 1-6


​4-day program


​4/5-day program


​5-day program


​Schools with noon supervision programs

Questions? Contact 403-817-7888



2019-20 Incidental Activity Fees for Students at Lunchtime

​Incidental Activity Fees (may be charged by schools)


​Elementary (Grades 1 to 6)


​Junior High (Grades 7 to 9)


Questions? Please contact your school


2019-20 Waivers

No child is ever denied access to an education in the CBE because of an inability to pay. The CBE has a waiver process for families who can’t afford to pay the fees.  Visit our Waivers page for more information and the documents required as proof of income.

If you have concerns about your ability to pay your fees, please speak to your principal.

Any family needing a waiver is encouraged to apply to the City of Calgary Fair Entry Program to prove income for a CBE waiver, as well as access other benefits of the program. This is optional for families and the CBE will continue to accept other approved documents as proof of income.

2019-20 Students Assigned to Calgary Transit

For students using Calgary Transit, families will need to purchase monthly bus passes available at many convenience and grocery stores.

All families can apply for the City of Calgary's Fair Entry Program for the low income Calgary Transit pass. This program offers a streamlined application process for City subsidy programs, including reduced rates for transit passes. You can find more information about the program at

Grade 6-12 students residing more than 2.4 km from their designated school attending a Regular Program and assigned to Calgary Transit are eligible for a rebate up to $549, meaning they will pay up to $221/year (traditional calendar) or $298 (modified calendar). Please ensure that you keep the passes and receipts of purchase to submit for the rebate, which opens in November.

Learn more about the Calgary Transit Pass Rebate program.

Please note, international fee-paying students are not eligible for free yellow school bus service or a rebate on monthly transit passes, regardless of their program or distance from school.​​


 Contact Us

Questions about fees & waivers

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 Online Services


Click the button to pay fees, apply for a waiver, or register for noon supervision.​

Fees and waivers

 Fee Waivers

​If you can’t afford the fees, you may be eligible to have them waived (including but not limited to):

  • If you receive assistance from provincial social services
  • If your family is eligible for the Alberta Child Health Benefit
  • If you are a government sponsored conventional refugee
  • If you have been approved by the City of Calgary Fair Entry Program

  • If your children are treaty status living below an income threshold based on family size
  • More information
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