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This page shows you the Calgary Board of Education approved and tentative school instructional calendars. Tentative calendars are provided to help families look at planning ahead; however, unforeseen circumstances may require changes to any school instructional calendar.

In addition to the traditional 10-month school calendar, the CBE establishes and approves a modified calendar.  This calendar begins the school year in August and builds in non-school days during the school year.  All students are provided the required amount of instructional time regardless of the school calendar used.

For more information about CBE schools with Modified Instructional Calendars, please follow this link.

2014-2015 school calendars approved

The Calgary Board of Education has approved the system instructional calendars for the 2014-2015 school year. These calendars are updated from the tentative calendars previously linked to this page.

Highlights of 2014-2015 calendars

  • 10 system-wide non-instruction days in each calendar.
  • First day of school for students in the traditional calendar is Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014. 
  • First day of school for students in the modified calendar is Monday, Aug. 18, 2014.

Please scroll down to find links to the approved and tentative school instructional calendars.

System calendars establish common start and end days, and 10 system-wide days for schools to plan for student learning and education programming. These 10 days incorporate time to schedule parent-teacher conferences, professional development and organizational days. Schools may identify additional non-instructional days, late entries or early dismissals in consultation with their school community and area director, and in alignment with Alberta Education and Calgary Board of Education requirements for instruction. For more information about a specific school instructional calendar, please check the school web site or call the school office. CBE school websites may be found through this link. If you have questions about what professional learning activities for staff take place at your school, please call the school office.

     • 2014-2015 Traditional 10-month calendar (PDF) approved and published Jan. 2014
     • 2014-2015 Modified calendar (PDF) approved and published Jan. 2014
     • 2015-2016 Traditional 10-month calendar (PDF) TENTATIVE
     • 2015-2016 Modified calendar (PDF) TENTATIVE
     • 2016-2017 Traditional 10-month calendar (PDF) TENTATIVE
     • 2016-2017 Modified calendar (PDF) TENTATIVE
     • 2017-2018 Traditional 10-month calendar (PDF) TENTATIVE
     • 2017-2018 Modified calendar (PDF) TENTATIVE

Modified instructional calendars

The system modified instructional calendar may be further adapted by special settings to reflect the unique learning needs of their education community. The following chart lists the CBE schools currently using the system modified calendar and provides links to the individual calendars approved for special settings.

Modified instructional calendar schools

Modified Special Settings All Year

Bob Edwards
Cappy Smart
Catherine Nichols Gunn
Crossing Park
Douglas Harkness
Dr. Gladys McKelvie Egbert
Dr. Gordon Townsend
Emily Follensbee
Erin Woods
Grant MacEwan

Ian Bazalgette
O. S. Geiger
Patrick Airlie
Penbrooke Meadows
Roland Michener
Ted Harrison
Terry Fox
West Dover
W. H. Cushing
Valley View

Adolescent Day Treatment/Young Adult Program

Children’s Village School

Dr. Oakley School

George Woods Learning Centre

William Roper Hull School

William Taylor Learning Centre

West View School

Archives of previous instructional calendars

Calendars are in pdf format. To view/download these pdfs, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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