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schooling programs services/supports

What will my child learn in school?

How can I find my school?

What is my designated school?

How do I get assistance in registering for school?

How can I learn about home schooling programs?

Can I pay my child's fees online?

What transportation plans are available for my child?

What if my child is not a canadian citizen?

Looking for a list of CBE programs? Click here.

What programs are offered for my child?

What early learning/kindergarten programs are offered?

What programs do you offer for Exceptional/Special needs students?

How do I find information on the English Language Learners Program?

What is middle years learning?

How can I find more information on Aboriginal education?

What alternative programs does CBE offer?

What off-campus education programs do CBE high schools offer?

What do the CBE high school programs look like?

What programs are offered online?

What programs are available to me if I did not complete my high school education?

What programs are available to me if I need to upgrade my high school marks?

What programs are offered for adults?

What school sports programs are offered?

Do you have a program for international students?

What can I do if my child is suspended from school?

How do I handle attendance issues?

What services and supports are offered for exceptional/special needs students?

I am a Non-Canadian. How do I register my child for school in the Calgary Board of Education?

How can I get an interpreter?

What services are offered by diversity and learning support advisors?

Do you have a safe and caring environment?

What is your program to prevent bullying?

What is the Board's discipline policy?

What does report card reporting look like?

How can I get a transcript of my child's marks?


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