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The school board is an advocate for public education and for the local school system. In this capacity, the school board consults with its constituents and shares information with MLAs and government – as a​n individual board – and collectively through the Alberta School Board Association. School boards advocate for students.​​

Draft Curriculum Advocacy – Ensuring Success for K-6 Learners


The Calgary Board of Education shares the government’s goal of providing a quality curriculum that prepares students for future success. To be successful in post-secondary education and/or the world of work, learners need to be engaged, critical thinkers and creative problem solvers.

Design and Content Concerns

The Board of Trustees has listened to parents, staff, experts and community members who have expressed significant concerns about the design and content of the K-6 draft curriculum including:

  • Content is not developmentally appropriate
  • A lack of:
    • logical sequencing to allow concepts to be built upon grade to grade
    • focus on critical thinking and future-focused skills
    • support for cultural diversity and inclusivity
  • Unclear assessment expectations

We appreciate that the government is taking steps to strengthen the curriculum and adjust the implementation of some subjects. Nevertheless, we support the ASBA resolution that the K-6 curriculum be revised and that a second draft be shared and tested with phased-in implementation to commence no sooner than 2024.

Implementation Concerns

In keeping with our primary focus on student success, we have significant concerns about the September, 2022 implementation timeline for Mathematics, English Language Arts and Literature, and Physical Education and Wellness including:

  • Schools continue to face learning disruptions caused by the pandemic.
  • Final drafts will not be available for stakeholders until spring 2022.
  • Time is needed to develop age-appropriate student resources for the delivery of content. Expertise, time and resources are required to seek out or adjust resources to serve students with diverse learning needs.
  • Time is required to develop and deliver professional learning for teachers.
  • Whether appropriate funding will be provided to school boards to ensure successful implementation.

Working Together for Students

As a Board of Trustees, we want our provincial schools to deliver a modern curriculum that supports our world-class education system. We are confident that if the government incorporates the feedback gathered and takes the time required to implement the K-6 curriculum, the outcome will be a curriculum of which Albertans can all be proud.

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​We encourage you to share your concerns with your MLA. Find your MLA using the Legislative Assembly of Alberta​ tool. ​

 Governance Policies

The Board’s advocacy activities are directed by Board policies:

  • Governance Policy 3.2 states that the Board advocates for the organization and the students it serves.
  • Governance Policy 3.3 states that the Board will Initiate and maintain constructive two-way dialogue with students, employees, parents and the citizens as a means to engage all stakeholders in the work of the Board and the organization.
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