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Subject Matter Arts-Centred Learning Program

Arts-Centred Learning Program

​Is Arts-Centre Learning the Right Choice for My Child?

A successful student demonstrates:

  • an interest in and passion for the arts

  • initiative, imagination and ingenuity when engaging in a variety of creative processes to develop and explore ideas

  • the ability to thrive in a fast-paced rigorous program that extends beyond the basic curricular expectation

  • a willingness to take advantage of multiple learning opportunities offered through the arts

  • characteristics that honour and respect the creativity of peers

  • motivation and independence

  • the ability to work well in a variety of situations; collaboratively and independently

Characteristics of Arts-Centred Learning

  • Arts-focused inquiry integrating Alberta Education’s Programs of Study

  • Opportunities for co-constructing knowledge and understanding through the arts

  • Develop creative and critical thinking

  • Learning comes from the process as well as the product

  • Students represent their knowledge and understanding through the multiple perspectives found throughout the arts

  • Students learn to appreciate and critique their art and the art of others

  • Skill development in the arts is integrated throughout the curriculum using school and community resources

How to Register

  • Registration for 2020-21 begins January 2020.

  • Refer to designated school’s website for parent information session. Attend parent information session and/or view informational presentation.

  • Complete registration package and take to designated school.

  • Packages will be accepted starting Jan. 20, 2020.

  • Packages must be received by Feb. 11, 2020 at noon.

Please take your completed registration package to your designated school after you have attended the parent information session. Please refer to this school’s website for parent information session details.

For families that are new to the CBE and not Canadian citizens​, please note you must first attend the CBE Welcome Centre for an initial assessment prior to registering for an Alternative Program.

Students New to CBE​
Students currently enrolled with CBE
Completed Student Registration Form ​Completed Transfer Request
Signed Parent Acknowledgement of Understanding for Alternative Program Registration  ​Signed Parent Acknowledgement of Understanding for Alternative Program Registration
Transportation Information​ Transportation Information​ ​
Arts-Centred Learning Arts-Centred Learning


  • See Fees page for fees that apply to all CBE students

  • $75.00 resource fee to cover the cost of artists-in-residence and related learning materials.

  • Additional cost may be incurred for arts-related field trips, performances and other learning opportunities.


  • Please see Transportation for Alternative Programs​ for important information. Parents will want to carefully consider the transportation services to and from the alternative program they want to enrol their child in.

  • For middle and junior high students attending the Arts-Centred alternative program parents are responsible to ensure their children travel safely to and from congregated stops.

Find a School

Every child in Calgary has a designated school based on their home address and the program they choose.

Find your designated school with our find a school tool along with the school's contact information and website address. Be sure to use the drop down arrow for 'Program Options' to select 'Arts-Centred'.


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