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Leadership Leading the CBE

Leading the CBE

Board of Trustees

Seven Trustees are elected to guide our school system based on the values Calgarians have for their public education system.  The Board’s goal is to enable each student to complete high school with a foundation of learning necessary to thrive in life, work and continued learning. Trustees are elected every four years in the municipal election, along with Calgary’s mayor and councillors.

It is the Board’s responsibility to monitor the CBE’s progress toward the Results and the performance of the CBE against its stated expectations. This monitoring takes place at public board meetings. 

Chief Superintendent

  • Is hired by and is the sole employee of the Board of Trustees
  • Is responsible for meeting the expectations of the Board that are set out in the Board’s Results policies and the Board’s Operational Expectations
  • Leads all aspects of the organization to ensure student success

Superintendents of School Improvement

  • Support the improvement of student achievement, equity and well-being
  • Lead the day-to-day learning and operations in each school
  • Support the chief superintendent in managing our school system

Schools and Area Offices

To manage the needs of our large school system and efficiently support our schools, we have divided our school district into seven administrative areas in Calgary.  Each area is led by two education directors who provide leadership support to principals in 17-20 schools. Each school is led by a principal who is responsible for meeting the learning needs of each student.

Service Units

Service units provide support to schools by:

  • helping teachers develop the best teaching methods and tools for student learning
  • hiring and developing the skills of our employees
  • looking after our schools and buildings
  • maintaining and improving learning technology
  • managing our finances
  • providing other services such as legal and communications support




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