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Conducting Research

Conducting Research Research in the CBE

Research in the CBE

Conducting Research in CBE Schools during COVID-19

Although the CBE values the role of Educational Researchers as a means to innovation and working toward continuous improvement,  to minimize outside contact of established student cohorts, there will be no researchers working in our schools. In-person researchers will not be invited into schools to minimize outside contact of established cohorts.

Researchers who have proposed to conduct in-person research with either staff or students are asked to email an addendum to their proposal, and include updated consent forms explaining how they will address this change.

These decisions will be revisited throughout the year.​

All research conducted in the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) requires approval from the CBE Research & Strategy department. If the application is approved the researcher will receive a letter that will allow them to approach CBE principals for permission to conduct research in the school. Approval to conduct research from the CBE does not obligate any school or individual to participate in the proposed research. The school based principal must be the first point of contact for any school based research.

The CBE values educational research, however we are also mindful that students have been entrusted to our schools for their education, and thus external research will not be done at the expense of students’ academic programs or well-being.

Who can​ apply?

Applications are accepted from:

  • CBE employees conducting research as part of course work or graduate degrees, or conducting research in CBE schools for other professional reasons
  • Post-secondary faculty or students who are not CBE employees
  • Institutionally funded projects or non-profit external organizations (e.g., universities, colleges, agencies, hospitals)

How to App​ly

Please email with any questions.​


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