Advocacy Priorities

Advocacy Priorities Advocacy Priorities

Advocacy Priorities

The Board of Trustees advocates to support public education and the best interests of students in the CBE. As part of this work, Trustees consult with constituents and share information with MLAs and government – as an​ individual​ board – and collectively through the Alberta School Boards Association. 

​Current Priorities

The Board of Trustees is currently advocating for education funding to keep pace with escalating student enrolment and rising costs, and the building of critically needed new learning spaces.


Provincial Budget not Keeping Pace

Budget 2024-25 does not provide the necessary funding for a growing school board. Next year, t​he CBE will receive an additional $85 million for rising enrolment. However, the budget does not address the impact of inflation or the real cost of supporting students with increasingly complex learning needs.

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​​​​​​Urgent Need for Learning Spaces

Many CBE schools are full. The system utilization rate is already at 92 per cent and is expected to top 100 per cent in the next two years. New schools and modular classrooms are urgently needed to address ​pressures, particularly in new and expanding communities.

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Previous ​​​​Advocacy Efforts

Trustees are committed to success for all learners, and continue to work with government to provide input on the K-6 curriculum, transportation challenges​ and more.​

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 Printable Advocacy Documents

​​Message from the Board of Trustees on Government Policy Announcement

Feb. 1, 2024

​​We are committed to ensuring each and every student feels welcomed, cared for, respected and safe while at school, no matter who they are or how they identify. 

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Adjusting Utilization Rate Criteria to Benefit Students

Addressing the Bus Driver Shortage

 What Can You Do?

See w​​ha​​t you can do to make a difference.

Co​n​​​tact ​​Your MLA​​

​We encourage you to share any concerns you may have with your ML​A. Find your MLA using the Legislative Assembly of Alberta​ tool. ​​​​​​​

 Budget 2023-24

More information about the 2023-24 budget​. You can ​also contact your trustee at    ​​

 Governance Policies

The Board​​’s advocacy activities are directed by Board policies:

  • Governance Policy 3.2 states that the Board advocates for the organization and the students it serves.

  • Governance Policy 3.3 states that the Board will Initiate and maintain constructive two-way dialogue with students, employees, paren​ts and the citizens as a means to engage all stakeholders in the work of the Board and the organization.​

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