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Busing & Transportation

Busing & Transportation Transportation Family Checklist

Transportation Family Checklist

Families are encouraged to review this check list to be prepared to for using transportation every school day and throughout the school year.

Daily Checklist

Before Leaving Home

  • My child is dressed app​ropriately for the weather and the forecast for the day
  • My child has their ZPass easily accessible
  • I have checked for bus delays online or on my service provider’s app
  • My child understands what to do if the bus is late or does not arrive
  • My child has any medication they need and understands what to do if they need to use the medication. Drivers do not administer medication.

Traveling To and From the Bus Stop

  • I understand that I am responsible for my child’s safety traveling to and from the bus stop, as well as when they are at the bus stop
  • My child knows how to recognize the bus stop and find their way home
  • My child will arrive a the bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive
  • We will obey all traffic safety rules and will cross streets only at intersection and when it is safe to do so
  • My child knows what to do if there is no one at the stop to meet them or no one home at the end of the day

At the Bus Stop

  • My child will stand and wait at least 2 metres away from the curb
  • We will respect private property and neighbours around the stop
  • If I am driving, I will not park in the bus loading zone or within 5 m of a crosswalk, stop or yield sign
  • My child will follow the driver’s instructions for boarding and exiting the bus
  • For kindergarten student only: I understand that kindergarten students must be met at the bus door. My kindergarten child will stay on the bus until they see a parent or caregiver at the bus door. I understand that if no adult is there to meet my child they may be returned to the school and I will need to make arrangements to pick them up as soon as possible.

On the Bus

  • My child will scan their ZPass when getting on and off the bus
  • My child will sit in their assigned seat
  • My child will follow the school bus rules, including not bringing restricted items on the bus
  • My child knows what to do if they have missed their bus stop or they are on the wrong bus

Annual Checklist

Getting Ready for the Next School Year

  • I will register for school bus transportation by the deadline. Transportation registration typically opens in May for the next school year. Register by the deadline to ensure you have transportation for the first day of school.
  • I will consider signing-up for new school bus riders for the My First Ride program

Before School Starts

  • I will check MyCBE for my bus route and stop in mid-August
  • I will review the school bus rules and general transportation information on the website with my family
  • My family will practice walking to and from the bus stop so my child knows the way
  • I will make child-care arrangements for times the bus is delayed or canceled


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