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Managing Space For Students


​At the CBE, every student has the right to a quality learning environment and choice in programming, regardless of where they live. As Calgary continues to grow and evolve, the number of school-age childr​​​en in each community changes. As a result, new schools are built, while older schools become more expensive to maintain and may also face decreasing enrolment. 

These ongoing changes can create challenges that must be addressed so students can continue to access great programming at the CBE. To manage the space​​ we have for students in our schools, we: 





capacity issues


program offerings or designations


new school construction and school closure considerations

​Pillars of School Planning

​​These principles guide our decisions for accommodating students:

  • Youngest students go to school closest to home
  • The best use of space for learning/programming
  • Responding to programming needs
  • Minimal student transition points; generally moving from school to school with their classmates.​​

Data-Informed​​​ Planning for the Future

​Planning prepares several reports each year to monitor enrolment patterns at CBE schools and growth of Calgary communities. The following reports are presented to and approved by the Board of Trustees annually:

​​Three Year System Stu​​​​dent​
​Accommodation Plan

Ca​​​pital Pla​​​n 

Serves as an indicator to school communities that changes may need to happen in the future. Identifies high and low utilization schools as well as system priorities and new school projects.

Learn more about SSAP

Provides the framework for dealing with the complexities of city growth and decline and includes requests for new schools and for modernizing older schools.

Learn more about the Capital Plan


Modular Clas​​sr​​oom Plan

​School Enrolment Report​​​​

​Prioritizes requests for new modular classrooms based on board-approved filters and ranking criteria. Also identifies modular classrooms beyond their life cycle for disposal/demolition.

View the Modular Classroom Plan ​

​Includes the following information:
  • September 30 enrolment including out of attendance area 
  • Alternative program enrolment by school and grade 
  • Specialized classes
  • Enrolment in classes for students with complex learning needs
  • School capacity and utilization
  • CBE actual enrolment (10 years) & projected enrolment (3 years)
  • Leased space in operating schools 
  • Lease of surplus school facilities 
  • ​Student population change by community​​

View the Student Enrolment Report​​​

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 Student Enrolment

As Calgary continues to grow and evolve, so does our student population. Meaning some schools may meet or exceed their capacity. Learn about the process for accepting students into a school or program that is full.

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​​​Discover dialogue​, our approach to involving people in decisions that affect them.​​

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