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Advocacy Priorities

Advocacy Priorities Provincial Budget not Keeping Pace

Provincial Budget not Keeping Pace

For 2024-25, the CBE will receive an additional $85 million from the government to fund enrolment growth. However, this increase does not address inflation or the real cost of supporting students with increasingly complex learning needs. In the  2024-27 Fiscal Plan, government has committed to a reduced level of funding.

Funding enrolment growth without addressing inflationary pressures results in growing class sizes and impacts the services and supports we offer to families.​


Complexity in the Classroom is Increasing

CBE’s student population is becoming increasingly diverse, with more than 40,000 students identified as English as Additional Language Learners, and 25,000 students have special learning needs. Base funding does not provide enough resources to ensure these students have access to the supports they need to be successful in their learning.


Enrolment is Surging

Student enrolment has increased by 7,000 students year over year, and we expect an additional 4,000 student to register by the end of the 2023-24 school year. New students are not fully funded. In 2024-25, we project to enrol a further 5,000 students.


Real Costs of School Operations are not Fully Funded

Base funding has not increased. This means funding falls short of the actual cost of items like utilities, maintenan​ce, custodial services and insurance. Inflationary pressures mean these costs, along with staff costs, continue to rise.


More Learning Spaces are Urgently Required

In spring 2023, CBE asked government to fund six new schools; only one received construction funding. In March 2024, we are requesting an additional 21 new schools.​ ​

CBE Students are Successful

CBE provides a world-class education to one in six Alberta students. We offer a broad range of opportunities to ensure students are successful in their learning. 

Students are Successful

  • CBE students consistently outperform the province on provincial tests and exams
  • High school completion rates continue to increase
  • Of Alberta’s 61 boards, CBE student outcomes ranked in the top five according to the 2019 MacKinnon Panel on Alberta’s Finances
  • Alberta students rank first in Canada in reading and science and second in mathematics based on the 2022 Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development’s Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)​. Globall​y, we ranked second in reading and science and seventh in mathematics, within statistical deviation.​
  • Teachers and professional staff provide specialized supports to meet the diverse learning needs of students. CBE has 40,000+ English as Additional Language Learners and 25,000+ students with special needs – more than any other school district in Alberta

Families Have Choice

  • Families can choose excellent programming at community or alternative ​program schools
  • Choices include languages, science or arts-centred learning and traditional learning centres
  • Starting in middle school, students can choose from course options including robotics, foods, construction, fine and performing arts, computer science and much more
  • CBE offers multiple academic and career pathways for students to complete high school including International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, dual credit, exploratory and off-campus opportunities as well as countless other options

CBE is an Integral Part of the Community

  • Schools are the heart of a community – 70 per cent of elementary schools offer before and after school care, and schools are rented more than 35,000 hours annually
  • As one of the largest employers and land owners in Calgary, the CBE has a significant economic impact
  • CBE collaborates with the City of Calgary, other school boards and more than 300 community partners to offer the best learning experiences to students

Dollars are Allocated Wisely to Support Students and Classrooms

  • CBE continually reviews service delivery and administrative staffing to find efficiencies and return dollars to classrooms
  • CBE is committed to environmental stewardship. All new buildings are designed to meet high energy and environmental standards, and 40 schools are certified LEED gold or silver
  • We are efficient in managing custodial, maintenance and planning costs
  • Our administrative costs remain low at just three per cent of our total budget​

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