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Policies & Regulations

Policies & Regulations Administrative Regulations

Administrative Regulations

​Administrative Regulations, commonly referred to as ARs, are the set of rules, expectations, and guidelines identified by the Chief Superintendent that support and align the operation of the organization. They assist in identifying boundaries, parameters and guides for action that inform decision making.


AR #Document TitleAR Status
1000Calgary Board of Education Organizational ChangesRevised
1002School Philosophy and GoalsCurrent
1004.1Role of the PrincipalRevised
1004.6Duties and Responsibilities of TeachersCurrent
1004.7Duties and Responsibilities of Substitute TeachersCurrent
1012.1School Participation in CampaignsCurrent
1014School Participation in Programs - Outside ServicesCurrent
1016COVID-19 VaccinationsSuspended
1029Operation of SchoolsCurrent
1029.1Operation of Schools – Commercial VenturesCurrent
1029.2Operation of Schools – CrisesCurrent
1029.3Operation of Schools – Advertising in SchoolsCurrent
1043Intellectual Property including CopyrightRevised
1061Responsible Care and Security of InformationRevised
1062Responsible Use of Electronic Information ResourcesCurrent
1063Calgary Board of Education Internet Web PresenceCurrent
1064Public Sharing of Student InformationRevised
1065Forms ManagementCurrent
1066Video SurveillanceCurrent
1067Use of Social MediaCurrent
1070Occupational Health and Safety Current
1080Service DogsCurrent
1090Student Accommodation Planning Process Current

 Finance & Budget

AR #Document TitleAR Status
2000Financial Management and Business PracticesCurrent
2034Investment of Cash ResourcesCurrent
2060Employee Business and Travel ExpensesRevised
2061Employee Gifts and AppreciationNew

 School Program & Organization

AR #Document TitleAR Status
3002Class SizeCurrent
3003Special Education ProgrammingCurrent
3006Home EducationRevised
3007Seclusion, Physical Restraint, & Time-Out RoomsNew
3010Student Suicide PreventionRevised
3018Student Placement and PromotionRevised
3021School Emergency Practices and ProceduresRevised
3027Off-Site ActivitiesCurrent
3027.1Educational Tours: School Purchase of BusesCurrent
3032Educational Research and ExperimentationCurrent
3033Extra-curricular and Co-curricular ActivitiesCurrent
3033.1Extra-curricular Activity Programs Sponsored by Outside OrganizationsCurrent
3044Alternative Program ProcessCurrent
3044.4French Language EducationCurrent
3048Noon ServicesRevised
3050Grade ConfigurationCurrent
3052Instructional Facilities and EquipmentRevised
3059Custody of ChildrenCurrent
3064School Year and Hours of OperationCurrent
3067Religion in EducationRevised
3074Flag and AnthemCurrent
3075Remembrance DayCurrent
3076Safety: Accidents in SchoolsCurrent
3090Outreach ProgramsCurrent


AR #Document TitleAR Status
4002Administrator Growth, Supervision and EvaluationCurrent
4003Teacher Growth, Supervision and EvaluationCurrent
4013Leave of AbsenceCurrent
4024Smoke Free EnvironmentCurrent
4027Employee Code of ConductRevised
4029Employee Police Information CheckNew
4038Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination (formerly 4027.2)New
4080Workplace ViolenceRevised
4090Public Interest Disclosure (Whistleblower Protection) Revised


AR #Document TitleAR Status
5001School Councils and School/Parent SocietiesRevised
5002Responsibilities of ParentsCurrent
5007Concerns and ComplaintsRevised


AR #Document TitleAR Status
6000Independent StudentsRevised
6002Student Health ServicesRevised
6004Animals in SchoolsRevised
6005Student Code of ConductRevised
6006Progressive Student DisciplineRevised
6007Suspension and ExpulsionRevised
6009School Safety PatrolsCurrent
6010Standards of Dress and GroomingCurrent
6014Student SearchesCurrent
6016Child AbuseCurrent
6020Attendance of StudentsCurrent
6021Course ChallengeCurrent
6024Student RecordsRevised
6031Welcoming, Caring, Respectful and Safe Learning and Work EnvironmentsRevised
6047Vandalism and Damage to School PropertyCurrent
6090Child and Student Registration and AdmissionRevised
6091School TransfersNew
6093Fourth Year of High SchoolCurrent
6095Student TransportationRevised

 Equipment, Supplies & Textbooks

AR #Document TitleAR Status
7001Purchase of Goods and ServicesRevised
7004School Generated FundsCurrent
7005School Fees Revised
7007Musical InstrumentsRevised
7008School-Based Fund RaisingCurrent
7010.1Equipment – Disposal of Obsolete or Unserviceable Equipment, Furniture and BooksCurrent
7012Vending Machines in SchoolsCurrent

 Buildings & Grounds

AR #Document TitleAR Status
8000Naming Physical Spaces and Educational Programs, Decommissioning School Names and Using School Names Current
8001Off-street Parking FacilitiesCurrent
8003Fire Prevention MeasuresCurrent
8004Use of Schools Outside of Instructional HoursCurrent
8006.1Disposal of Hazardous WastesCurrent
8007Surplus Classrooms, Schools and BuildingsCurrent
8015Key ControlCurrent

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