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Glenmeadows School

4931 Grove Hill Road SW, Calgary AB T3E 4G4

​Community | Glendale

Opening Date | Sept. 2018

Project Update

March 2017

Work will begin at Glenmeadows School at the end of March 2017 for the installation of the new modular units. We anticipate the portable units will be installed at the school during the summer months.

In addition, as part of the Development Permit, the City of Calgary placed the following conditions that must be attended to before our students move into the school: 

  • Parking requirements and signage to support parking. 
  • Curb cuts, painted crosswalks, and associated signage. 
  • Addition of a fire hydrant. 
  • Drainage for new parking area.

This work will continue through the summer months.

The CBE has conducted an inspection of Glenmeadows School and plan to address the following issues will be addressed prior to September 2018: 

  • Placement of modulars including a link/hallway between school and existing modular unit. 
  • Exterior work – expanded parking area, exterior repairs.
  • Interior work – mechanical and electrical system upgrades, door replacement, hazardous material abatement, interior repairs.


The CBE worked on finding a long-term solution for the accommodation of the Spanish Bilingual alternative program currently located at Westgate School. In 2014, the decision was made to relocate the program to Glenmeadows School when the Calgary Arts Academy moves to their new location. After further engagement with our parents, in December 2016, it was decided that students in the Spanish Bilingual program from kindergarten through Grade 6 will relocate for the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year. While it is anticipated the Academy will vacate the school in early 2018, the additional time before students move will be used to do internal and external upgrades at the school site.


​Jan. 29, 2018 ​Notice Regarding School Designation for Spanish Bilingual Students
​Mar. 28, 2017 CBE Construction and move into Glenmeadows School
Letter to Glendale and Glendale Meadows Community Association


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