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Quick Launch

CBE Minecraft Challenge

Level up, Calgary! Community Reimagined, Reconfigured, Revitalized 

The City of Calgary will announce the winners at a virtual awards ceremony streamed at​ at 6:00 p.m. on March 2, 2022. The ceremony will be recorded and available to view following the event.​​

The CBE is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Microsoft, The City of Calgary, and The Calgary Public Library (CPL). Through this partnership, the CBE will deliver an engaging and immersive educational opportunity for all CBE students that leverages the power of Minecraft: Education Edition.

Beginning October 8, 2021, CBE is launching a system-wide Minecraft Design Challenge providing students with an opportunity to navigate through a customized virtual representation of downtown Calgary, interacting with experts as they consider, “How might we reimagine our public spaces to enrich the lives of Calgarians and strengthen our community?” 

​As teachers plan interdisciplinary tasks connected to the Alberta Program of Studies, students will build virtual proposals in Minecraft: Education Edition encapsulating their vision for Calgary’s future.  These proposals will then be submitted for consideration by a panel of City of Calgary experts. 

​What is Minecraft: Education Edition?

Minecraft is an open-world game that promotes creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving in an immersive environment where the only limit is your imagination. Minecraft: Education Edition differs from the regular video game version as it is aimed for use in the classroom and contains features such as classroom mode and assessment tools that enable powerful learning experiences.
To learn more about Minecraft: Education Edition in the classroom, watch this video.

Challenge Information

All CBE students and teachers have access to Minecraft: Education Edition and are invited to participate in the fall system-wide challenge. Teachers will have access to an Educator’s Guide, exemplars with connections to the Alberta Program of Studies, and ongoing professional learning sessions.

Parents wishing to learn more about how Minecraft: Education Edition supports learning may access the Parent Guide.

Teachers will guide students through the challenge and submit work to each school’s Minecraft challenge designate. If your child is working on their own or with the support of their parents and/or guardians, please contact your child’s teacher or principal who will connect you with the Minecraft challenge designate for your school.

Winning entries will be announced in February 2022 with the selected virtual Minecraft prototypes becoming physical realities constructed in Calgary’s downtown core. 


While Minecraft: Education Edition is available on CBE-owned devices, it can also be installed on personal devices. Please visit the Minecraft: Education Edition download page for support on how to do this.

Logging in

CBE students log in to Minecraft: Education Edition with the following credentials:

Password: Same as their CBE network/Google password

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