Health & Wellness in School

Health & Wellness in School Health Measures for the 2022-23 School Year

Health Measures for the 2022-23 School Year

The CBE takes the health and safety of our students and staff seriously. 

In all matters of health, CBE takes direction from Alberta Education and Alberta Health Services. In November 2022, the Chief and Senior Medical Officers of Health in Alberta provided school boards with a letter to share with families. It highlights measures individuals can take to reduce the spread and lessen the impact of illness in school communities. These include:

  • stay home when feeling sick;
  • if possible, avoid close contact with people who are sick;
  • wash hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer;
  • cover your cough;
  • avoid touching eyes, nose, or mouth with unwashed hands; and
  • clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and items at home, especially when someone in your home is sick.

Using a well-fitting, high quality mask is encouraged, especially in crowded indoor settings. Wearing a mask can help reduce your risk of becoming sick and help protect others from being exposed. Individuals should be supported regardless of their choice to mask or not.​

Monitoring Ab​​sences 

We will continue to internally monitor student and staff absences this school year. Daily school-by-school absence numbers are being posted to this page.​

 Student Absence Rate Due t​​​o Illness​

Nov 28, 2022
 Grade Number  Percentage
K-3 4340 11.050%
4-6 2433 8.290%
7-9 1961 6.641%
10-12 1525 5.056%
K-12 10259 7.995%​

Illness Outbrea​ks

An outbreak may be suspected when there is an increase in absenteeism or a number of individuals are experiencing similar symptoms in a school. This could be due to any number of symptoms including respiratory, gastrointestinal and rashes.

If a school has more than 10 per cent of their student population away due to illness, the school will report to Alberta Health Services Public Health for investigation. If AHS declares an outbreak, they will provide information to families and recommendations to assist the school in preventing further spread of illness. ​After AHS has declared an outbreak in a school and CBE has been notified, an intensive cleaning of the impacted school is conducted after school hours.​


Spring 2022, the CBE upgraded to MERV 13 filters in schools wherever possible. These filters will continue to be utilized this school year and are changed more frequently. In addition, all schools are mechanically ventilated and systems are set to maximize air exchange.​

As we have done throughout the pandemic, we continue to follow the guidance and direction provided by Alberta Education and Alberta Health Services. If new measures are announced, they will be communicated with families and staff before they are implemented in our schools.​​​​​​​

 Student Illness Rates By School

School Nov 28, 2022
A. E. Cross School 8.1%
Abbeydale School 9.3%
Acadia School 9.3%
Alex Munro School 13.0%
Alexander Ferguson School 8.8%
All Boys Program 14.1%
Altadore School 11.1%
Alternative High School 7.0%
Andrew Sibbald School 6.8%
Annie Foote School 15.9%
Annie Gale School 4.9%
Arbour Lake School 6.4%
Auburn Bay School 11.3%
Balmoral School 6.8%
Banff Trail School 8.7%
Banting and Best School 10.1%
Battalion Park School 9.1%
Bayside School 13.8%
Beddington Heights School 13.0%
Belfast School 18.2%
Belvedere Parkway School 10.0%
Bishop Pinkham School 5.4%
Bob Edwards School 4.9%
Bowcroft School 8.0%
Bowness High School 4.9%
Braeside School 10.6%
Branton School 6.1%
Brentwood School 8.2%
Briar Hill School 10.4%
Bridlewood School 9.8%
Buchanan School 9.9%
Buffalo Rubbing Stone School 12.8%
Cambrian Heights School 16.6%
Canyon Meadows School 5.1%
Capitol Hill School 8.0%
Cappy Smart School 10.0%
Captain John Palliser School 11.4%
Captain Nichola Goddard School 6.1%
Catherine Nichols Gunn School 6.0%
Cecil Swanson School 9.1%
Cedarbrae School 13.2%
Centennial High School 5.4%
Central Memorial High School 6.2%
Chaparral School 8.6%
Chief Justice Milvain School 10.2%
Children's Village School 12.5%
Chinook Park School 8.6%
Chris Akkerman School 12.0%
Christine Meikle School 6.4%
Citadel Park School 18.0%
Clarence Sansom School 6.6%
Collingwood School 12.9%
Colonel Irvine School 4.2%
Colonel J. Fred Scott School 12.2%
Colonel Macleod School 5.8%
Colonel Sanders School 8.5%
Colonel Walker School 6.7%
Connaught School 12.5%
Copperfield School 13.2%
Coventry Hills School 11.2%
Cranston School 17.1%
Crescent Heights High School 5.0%
Crossing Park School 6.4%
Dalhousie School 10.1%
David Thompson School 10.6%
Deer Run School 10.5%
Douglas Harkness School 14.2%
Douglasdale School 9.9%
Dr. E. P. Scarlett High School 6.4%
Dr. E. W. Coffin School 8.0%
Dr. Freda Miller School 14.0%
Dr. George Stanley School 7.2%
Dr. Gladys McKelvie Egbert School 5.1%
Dr. Gordon Higgins School 4.7%
Dr. Gordon Townsend School 1.9%
Dr. J. K. Mulloy School 10.4%
Dr. Martha Cohen School 6.9%
Dr. Oakley School 12.5%
Dr. Roberta Bondar School 3.8%
Earl Grey School 8.2%
Edgemont School 8.1%
Elbow Park School 5.1%
Elboya School 7.1%
Emily Follensbee School 15.1%
Eric Harvie School 9.9%
Erin Woods School 7.6%
Ernest Manning High School 3.9%
Ernest Morrow School 4.6%
Ethel M. Johnson School 9.9%
Eugene Coste School 15.3%
Evergreen School 8.3%
F. E. Osborne School 6.0%
Fairview School 6.5%
Falconridge School 11.1%
Fish Creek School 10.7%
Forest Lawn High School 3.0%
G. W. Skene School 5.1%
Georges P. Vanier School 9.3%
Glamorgan School 6.7%
Glenbrook School 12.7%
Glendale School 14.8%
Glenmeadows School 7.7%
Grant MacEwan School 7.6%
Griffith Woods School 8.0%
Guy Weadick School 10.7%
H. D. Cartwright School 5.5%
Harold Panabaker School 7.4%
Haultain Memorial School 9.3%
Hawkwood School 8.7%
Haysboro School 15.0%
Henry Wise Wood High School 5.4%
Hidden Valley School 13.3%
Highwood School 8.0%
Hillhurst School 11.9%
Hugh A. Bennett School 15.0%
Huntington Hills School 12.9%
Ian Bazalgette School 11.7%
Jack James High School 8.8%
James Fowler High School 5.3%
James Short Memorial School 12.1%
Janet Johnstone School 15.1%
Jennie Elliott School 6.6%
Joane Cardinal-Schubert High School 4.6%
John G. Diefenbaker High School 4.0%
John Ware School 9.9%
Keeler School 13.9%
Kenneth D. Taylor School 13.2%
Killarney School 6.9%
King George School 9.9%
Lake Bonavista School 11.0%
Lakeshore School 7.1%
Le Roi Daniels School 8.8%
Lester B. Pearson High School 6.3%
Lord Beaverbrook High School 5.6%
Louis Riel School 6.1%
Louise Dean School 2.5%
Mahogany School 10.2%
Manmeet Singh Bhullar School 7.5%
Maple Ridge School 7.0%
Marion Carson School 9.7%
Marlborough School 7.2%
Marshall Springs School 7.2%
Mayland Heights School 6.6%
McKenzie Highlands School 13.4%
McKenzie Lake School 10.3%
McKenzie Towne School 11.2%
Midnapore School 11.2%
MidSun School 10.8%
Monterey Park School 12.9%
Mount Royal School 6.3%
Mount View School 8.6%
Mountain Park School 8.0%
Nellie McClung School 10.9%
Nelson Mandela High School 4.9%
New Brighton School 9.6%
Nickle School 9.4%
Niitsitapi Learning Centre 11.6%
North Haven School 10.2%
Northern Lights School 8.1%
Nose Creek School 5.9%
O. S. Geiger School 16.1%
Olympic Heights School 7.0%
Panorama Hills School 10.8%
Patrick Airlie School 13.3%
Penbrooke Meadows School 8.7%
Peter Lougheed School 7.2%
Piitoayis Family School 7.9%
Pineridge School 12.9%
Prairie Sky School 12.7%
Prince Of Wales School 11.4%
Queen Elizabeth High School 6.5%
Queen Elizabeth School 9.2%
R. T. Alderman School 5.9%
Radisson Park School 8.6%
Ramsay School 8.6%
Ranchlands School 13.1%
Richmond School 8.2%
Rideau Park School 9.8%
Riverbend School 13.5%
Riverside School 7.4%
Robert Thirsk High School 6.1%
Robert Warren School 7.0%
Roland Michener School 10.8%
Ron Southern School 11.8%
Rosedale School 3.7%
Rosemont School 7.7%
Royal Oak School 6.8%
Rundle School 6.1%
Saddle Ridge School 15.7%
Sam Livingston School 10.4%
Samuel W. Shaw School 7.0%
Scenic Acres School 8.4%
Senator Patrick Burns School 4.1%
Sherwood School 5.0%
Sibylla Kiddle School 10.2%
Silver Springs School 13.3%
Simon Fraser School 8.3%
Simons Valley School 6.2%
Sir John A. Macdonald School 4.7%
Sir John Franklin School 9.2%
Sir Wilfrid Laurier School 5.7%
Sir Winston Churchill High School 3.0%
Somerset School 16.0%
Stanley Jones School 5.6%
Sunalta School 10.4%
Sundance School 8.5%
Sunnyside School 13.6%
Taradale School 12.2%
Ted Harrison School 6.5%
Terrace Road School 15.7%
Terry Fox School 6.4%
The Hamptons School 14.4%
Thomas B. Riley School 4.2%
Thorncliffe School 14.0%
Tom Baines School 6.5%
Tuscany School 10.1%
Twelve Mile Coulee School 7.6%
University School 5.2%
Valley Creek School 7.1%
Valley View School 12.3%
Varsity Acres School 13.7%
Vincent Massey School 6.2%
Vista Heights School 5.6%
W. O. Mitchell School 9.3%
West Dalhousie School 8.2%
West Dover School 10.8%
West Ridge School 3.6%
West Springs School 7.8%
Western Canada High School 4.8%
Westgate School 7.2%
Wildwood School 11.4%
William Aberhart High School 4.8%
William D. Pratt School 5.9%
William Reid School 6.2%
William Roper Hull School 1.7%
Willow Park School 9.5%
Wilma Hansen School 5.4%
Woodbine School 10.9%
Woodlands School 9.5%
Woodman School 9.6%
Wood's Homes School 4.9%​​

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