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In Social Studies, students explore big questions related to citizenship and Identity. Students explore who they are in relation to others in their local, national and global communities.

From kindergarten to Grade 12, students develop active and responsible citizenship as they deepen their understanding of diversity and equality. Learning in Social Studies promotes a sense of belonging and acceptance in students as they study Canada’s pluralistic, bilingual, multicultural, inclusive and democratic society.

At each grade level, students explore topics related to Time, Continuity and Change, Power, Authority and Decision-Making, The Land: Places and People, Global connections, Economics and resources, and Culture and Community.

Learners inquire into issues and consider them from multiple perspectives. Teachers design learning opportunities so that students develop an appreciation of the communities in which they live today and an awareness of how our past informs our decisions for the future.

Students learn to think critically, creatively, historically and geographically. They make connections to prior knowledge and apply it to new contexts. In Social Studies, students examine issues related to power, authority and decision-making​.

In Social Studies, students are provided with opportunities to develop the competencies required of engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit.​

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