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Registration Transferring Between CBE Schools

Transferring Between CBE Schools

The information below is for current CBE students interested in attending a school other than your designated school. If you are not a​ current CBE student, you first need to register at your designated early childhood services (includes Kindergarten) to grade 9 schoolor high school.

This information does not​ apply to Home Education​, CBe-learn online learning, Louise Dean School, or courses taken through our outreach program, Discovering Choices.

Elementary and Midd​​le/Junior High School Transfers​

Elementary and middle school students who are already registered with CBE may transfer schools for the following reasons:

  • Change of home address
  • Requesting a school that is not your designated school
  • Requesting to transfer to a school that offers an alternative program

Visit our Find a School tool to learn more about your designated school and schools that offer alternative programs in your Area. Some of our schools have limited spaces available, and transfer requests may not be able to be accommodated.

Transfer requests for Early Childhood Services (ECS includes Kindergarten) to Grade 9 Schools & Early Development Centres​ are processed in May for the following school year. ​

The transfer form is not used to request specialized system classes. Please talk to your principal for these types of requests.

​High School Transfers​​​ (Grade 10-12)

NEW: The High School Transfer Process is Cha​​nging

​Effective for transfers related to the 2021-22 schoo​l year, t​he ​​​transfer process is changing. These changes help ensure a clear, consistent​ and equitable process for all students, and support balanced enrolment across our schools.

Some CBE high schools are getting quite full, which will impact the number of student transfers that can be accommodated. A few schools are so full with designated student that they are closed to transfers.

We will do our best to provide students with the programming or courses they desire; however, it may not be at your preferred location, and in some cases it may not be possible.

Transfers due to an address change​

Each CBE student is designated to a high school based on their home address on file with the CBE. If the home address changes anytime throughout the year, a parent/legal guardian/independent student may request for the student to transfer to their new designated school. ​To request a transfer to due an address change:

All other transfers: program or sequence of courses ​requests​

Each CBE student is designated to a high school based on their home address on file with the CBE.​ By March 15, 2021, a parent/legal guardian​/independent student can request for a student to transfer to another CBE high school for the 2021-2022 school year for one of the following reasons:

  • To enrol in an education program not offered at the student's designated school (e.g. International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme or Advanced Placement (AP)); or
  • To take a sequence of courses up to the 30-level that is not offered at the student's designated school (e.g. cosmetology, welding and fabrication, culinary arts, and auto mechanics).

Availability of spaces: School enrolment status

​We need to make sure there are enough spaces for students who live in the communities designated to our schools, before we can accept transfers.​​​​ In February, we provide the enrolment status of each high school for the following school year. Families should review and consider the status when completing the transfer form. Schools are identified as:

  • Open: The most spaces available to accept transfers.
  • Limited: Some space available to accept ​​​​transfers from resident CBE students.
  • Closed: No space to accept transfers. The only exception is IB program transfers where the school is the student's Area school for IB, and the student is a resident CBE student​.

The new process

The following is the new process for transfers for programs and sequences of courses. It does not apply to transfers due to an address change.


  1. In February, C​BE posts the enrolment status(Open, Limited or Closed to transfer) for the following school year for all high schools​.
  2. For resident CBE students (see the section below), the parents/legal guardians/independent students read all the information on this webpage, and then complete and submit the online High School Transfer Request Form by March 15, for requests for the following school year. We will not be able to process requests received after March 15. ​Students must also register and select course​s at their designated high school, while awaiting results of the transfer request.

    For non-resident CBE students, see the section below. Do not complete a transfer form.

  3. CBE education directors and principals review the transfer requests and make transfer decisions based on the space available in the requested schools, programs and sequences of courses.

  4. By the end of the second week of ​April, the parents/legal guardians/​​independent student are notified of whether a transfer is approved by the CBE, and to which school. Messages are sent to the email address(es) on file with the school.

  5. If a transfer is available, the parents/legal guardians/​independent student have ten (10) days to respond to confirm the transfer. If the transfer is declined, or no response is received, the student will be placed in their regular designated school.

    If a transfer is not approved by the CBE, ​the student will be placed in their regular designated school.

  6. If the transfer is confirmed, the student attends the transfer school the following school year. To remain at that school in ​future years, the student must continue with the program or sequence of courses that determined the reason for the transfer.

Resident and Non-resident CBE Students:
registration, transfers, and prioritization

When the number of registrations and transfer requests exceed the spaces available, prioritization follows the guidelines of the Government of Alberta as identified in the Education Act, and CBE Administrative Regulations AR 6090 | Child and Student Registration and Admission and AR 6091 | School ​Transfers.​

A resident CBE student has the right of access to education in their designated attendance area. They are registered first, and transferred first (if spaces are available), prior to CBE accepting non-resident students.

A resident CBE student is a student where at least one parent/legal guardian (or the independent student) physically resides within the geographical boundary of CBE, and at least one parent/legal guardian (or the independent student) is not of the Roman Catholic faith. Regardless of living or parenting arrangements, parents/legal guardians must only identify one primary address, which must be within the geographical boundary of CBE.​

Instructions for Resident CBE Students

  • For resident CBE students who are currently attending grade 9 at CBE, you are automatically registered for next school year in your designated high school based on your home address and your current program (regular, French Immersion, Spanish Bilingual or Arts Centred Learning).
  • If you are new to CBE, you need to register directly with your designated high school, based on your home address.
  • If you hope to attend a school other than your designated school, submit a transfer request by March 15.

Instructions for Non-resident CBE Students

  • Whether you currently attend a CBE school or not, grade 9 non-resident students who wish to attend a CBE school in grade 10 need to register with your nearest Open enrolment status high school that offers your desired program.
  • Do NOT complete a transfer form.
  • After the transfer process is complete for resident CBE students, we will contact you to let you know if a spot is available in the Open school where you registered.​

For schools with an Open enrolment status, after resident CBE students are registered and transferred​, the next priority is students resident in The Calgary Roman Catholic Separate School District, followed by other Alberta students, other Canadians students, and then international students.

When there are not enough spaces to accommodate all transfer requests from students at the same priority level, there will be random draw of the students at that level.

Ineligible requests

We want students to be able to access their desired program or sequence of courses, whenever possible. To best enable this, we will NOT accept requests for other reasons, such as athle​tic programs, specializations within a course (such as string instruments in band), or requests for siblings to attend the same high school. ​

High School information

Learn about Grade 10 to 12 education at CBE on our High School​ webpage.

International Baccalaureate (IB) Prog​​​ramme

If your designated high school does not offer International Baccalaureate (IB), you can submit a transfer request. You must fulfill the IB program requirements and submit an IB registration.

Advanced Placement (AP)

If your designated high school does not offer the Advanced Placement (AP) class(es) you wish to take, you can submit a transfer request. You will also need to submit an AP registration.

Completion of program or​​ courses

If students do not continue to the 30 level with the specific program or sequence of courses that determined the reason for transfer, students will be re-directed to their designated school. Moving schools during the high school years can be a ​difficult transition for any student. For this reason, it is emphasized that students be very intentional when considering a transfer.

Transportation and expenses

Families are responsible for all transportation arrangements and any other expenses associated with attending a non-designated school.

Joint custody

If the student is in joint custody, they are only eligible to transfer if all parents or legal guardians support the decision. If one or more of the child’s parents or legal guardians informs the requested school that they do not agree with the child being placed at that school, the child will remain registered at their regular designated school. The designated school is based on the home address registered with the CBE. ​​

Information to gather before completing the transfer form

Before filling out the transfer request ​form, research the following information. For transfer requests due to an address change, this information is not needed.

  • Requested program or sequence of courses. Know what you are requesting to transfer for, specifically. For example, for IB, the form asks which IB program, and which IB classes, you hope to take. For information, talk to you designated school, view schools' websites, and view our High Schools section.
  • Designated school: ​Go to Find a School. Under Search by Address​, type the student's home address, as registered with CBE. Under Filter by Grade Level, click the grade you want to transfer for​. When you scroll ​down, you should see one Regular (10-12) school listed, which is your designated school. For questions, see the points below.
  • Area school:
    • For ​program requests: In Find a School, with your address and grade still filled ​​in, use the ​View Program Options drop-down to select the requested program, such as International Baccalaureate (IB) or Advanced Placement (AP). Scroll down and you should see one school listed, which is your Area school for that program.
    • For sequence of courses requests: Speak with your designated high school,​ and/or view schools' websites to see what courses are offered.
  • ​​Alternative Choice 1: Choose an additional school you would like to attend ​​​that offers the program or sequence of courses you're interested in. The form will only allow you to pick a school with an Open or Limited enrolment status. If there is not an additional school that interests you, you will be able to skip this question.
    • For ​program requests: In Find a School, delete your address and just search by grade and program to see a list of schools offering that program.
    • For sequence of courses requests: Speak with your designated high school,​ and/or view schools' websites to see what courses are offered.
  • Alternative Choice 2: An additional choice, with the same criteria as Choice 1.


 Contact Us

To find out more about registration at your school, please contact your school directly.

For general questions about registration at the CBE call the CBE School Information Line:

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