17 Years,129 Brave Kids, $50,000 | Andrew Sibbald Students Shine!

Jun. 14, 2021

Andrew Sibbald School recently held its 17th annual event in support of The Kids Cancer Care Foundation of Alberta. In the past, we have hosted huge gatherings in our gym with students, staff, families, performers, and radio personalities. It has always been a considerably large, loud and exhilarating event - songs being sung, children cheering, and many proud tears being shed. It has always been something amazing - but this year it had to be different. The reality was there would be no coming together and in fact, we had to transition quickly to online teaching and learning just days after kicking off this year’s event.  

Did this stop our students – not a chance! There is something incredibly special that happens here in this building – a caring spirit that welcomes a challenge and finds creative ways to overcome difficulties. There is a deep connection between students, staff and community and a profound desire to care for others. The response to our event this year truly inspired us and has been a reminder of the power and importance of caring for others.  

Once again, in a time of need, our community stepped up and responded in an irrepressible way. We had a total of 129 students, from Kindergarten to Grade 6, demonstrate their bravery by coloring, cutting or shaving their lid to raise money for kids fighting childhood cancer. Gathering donation support from over 900 individuals and smashing any previous fundraising success, our students proudly raised over $50,000. Our journey has always been about highlighting the importance of helping others with classroom conversations about ways to show care, as well as the idea that even one small act of kindness can make a really big difference for someone else.

When we were allowed to join back together in person, students returned to balloons, streamers, and very proud teachers! Participants were recognized and celebrated with an online assembly as tears of joy and cheers of praise, resonated throughout our hallways. Everywhere you looked, children were proudly wearing their bright red ball caps gifted to them as a thank you from The Kids Cancer Care Foundation. It was a beautiful moment that filled our hearts with gratitude and hope. May it also fill your heart with happiness and hope as well.