All CBE Schools Have a New Website Design!

Feb. 16, 2024

A digital transformation is underway as more than 250 schools have launched their newly redesigned websites. The new websites are designed to be more beautiful and functional, and to create deeper connections between schools and their communities.

Visitors who have old websites bookmarked will be automatically redirected to the new school websites. The community is invited to explore the new features at each school's respective website. These include:

Revamped Homepage Design: With a focus on user-friendly navigation, these new homepages facilitate quick access to vital information, reflecting a significant upgrade in the online experience for families and staff.

Calendar Subscriptions: This feature allows the tracking of important school dates and events, offering convenient synchronization across various devices.

Updated School Office Hours and Bell Times: Precise and easily accessible, this essential information has been updated to assist in daily planning for school communities.

Dynamic School Council and Parent Society Pages: These sections offer real-time updates, ensuring everyone stays informed about school events and initiatives.

Enhanced Performance: Improved load times and mobile device compatibility across all sites mark a significant advancement in website performance.

Simplified Navigation: The streamlined navigation system makes finding information about extracurricular activities and school culture more straightforward.