Chinook Park Students Learn About Physical, Emotional and Mental Health

Jun. 25, 2018

Chinook Park School held their second annual Health Fair on Monday, June 11. Students Voice Council came up with this idea last year as a way to help our students learn about the benefits of maintaining good physical, emotional and mental health. During the Fair, all students are able to attend a variety of sessions that address the three pillars of good health (physical, emotional & mental). Sessions included relaxation techniques through massage, anxiety support through animal therapy, healthy eating habits with drinks like smoothies. Other sessions involved making sensory bottles, calming through yoga, learning organizational techniques, drumming, etc. In total, there were over 15 sessions that students could choose from to further personalize their experience and address their immediate needs.

In addition to having teachers lead some sessions, outside experts were also involved in this experience. Alberta Health Services brought a team of nurses and Wood’s Homes representatives participated in this event with students. Calgary Co-Op donated healthy snacks and a booth offered resources for students on dealing with topics like depression and good physical health.

Students also brought donations to support the Heart & Stroke Foundation. This event was even more successful with many volunteers who also believe that addressing student physical, emotional and mental health contributes to their overall success!

Student feedback from the Fair included:

“Physical, mental and emotional health are very important parts of my life that I cherish. Mental health, for me, comes in many forms. Music and poetry are how I cope with problems and issues, I pour my soul onto a page…which is full of healing.” Nate C.

“Most people practice physical health, by going for runs, but they still eat unhealthy. They do not realize that what they eat effects your physical and emotional health as well. They’re all connected.” Katarina J.

“Investing in good health not only helps your body be strong and stable, but also determines your state of mind.” Caitlin G.

“For mental health, it was good to learn about how I talk to myself with my self-talk. I learned to use my breath to relax too.” Bronwyn D.

“The activity I did for emotional health was Pet Therapy. This station was my favourite because I instantly felt calm and grounded when I was with the dog.” Sarah P

We look forward to future Health Fairs!