Evergreen School Students Knit Toques for the Homeless

Dec. 05, 2018

Students from Evergreen School visited the Campus Calgary/Open Minds 2School site in downtown Calgary with a learning focus on What Matters for the Future of Calgary? They considered how the land, the people, and the built environment of our city have been shaped by the past, affect the present and how they might plan for the future of Calgary.

All around our downtown students witnessed community coming together to support each other, which challenged their ideas about what it means to be “in need” and the students wanted to play a part in sharing their kindness with the community.

Evergreen students thoughtfully designed and created hats in their knitting club over their lunch hour, with the intention that they would be left around the city while at 2School, not knowing where they would end up. This random act of kindness highlights compassion and care for our communities and the many people who may be “in need”. It shares the story of how quiet voices and small actions can have big impacts in our city.
So what matters for the future of Calgary? For the Evergreen students, what really matters is a deep sense of care and thoughtfulness that everyone’s story matters.


Watch the full story on the Global Calgary website.

Picture | Global Calgary