First Annual Giving Faire

Jan. 30, 2018

Douglas Harkness School invited students and their families to attend the school’s First Annual Giving Faire held on Friday, Dec. 7.

As participants entered the school they were greeted by the student-performed hand bell music.
Students and families then made their way through five different craft stations throughout the evening. Teachers hosted stations to make:

  • Washcloth Bunnies which were donated to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter,
  • Socks Stuffed with toiletries and treats which were donated to the Mustard Seed and Calgary Drop In Centre, 
  • Greeting Cards and 3-D Snowflakes which were donated to the Monterey Park Senior’s Home, 
  • and finally students and families were also invited to make a Wish for the World.

There was also time during the evening to catch a performance by the Douglas Harkness School Dance Club and to enjoy refreshments of juice and cookies.

Students, families and staff had so much fun while building our empathy and generosity in our school and community!