High School Teacher Adam Robb Wins Canada’s Excellence in Environmental Education and Communication Outstanding Educator Award

Feb. 12, 2019

​Congratulations to teacher Adam Robb, recipient of the EECOM (Excellence in Environmental Education and Communication) Outstanding Educator Award! Adam teaches the Energy and Environmental Innovations (EEI) course at the Career and Technology Centre - which is a part of Central Memorial High School, and recently won this national award due to his innovative teaching ways.

“I joined Mr. Robb’s class because in school, we learn a lot about how the world is going downhill and how things are going bad. But we never really know how to fix it. I wanted to learn how to change things, how to do things to fix the world.” – Ben R. (Grade 12 student at CTC)

His approach to education is refreshing. He gives students the opportunity to go beyond the classroom and tackle real life environmental topics hands on. It gives students this feeling of purpose and directs them to roads of action not many students are exposed to in a regular classroom. Students have spoken at various climate and environmental conferences in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Seattle, etc. about youth involvement in addressing climate change and taking action. They have gotten to explore the mountains while talking to Parks Canada scientists, which has inspired some to create a Parks Canada Youth Council. Others work with surrounding community members, and have been incredibly successful in building a community garden on the school’s property. There is no crazy idea in this classroom, and students really are given this amazing platform to excel in real world issues that they are passionate about.

“During our son, Jonas’s first week of school, he was given a tour of the CT Centre and was brought into a classroom that defied all definitions of a high school classroom. Fish swam in tanks that provided fertilizer to growing plants, woodworking projects were on display, and plants were growing in trays and pots. Our son immediately decided that he wanted to find a way to spend some time in this classroom. Under Adam’s leadership, his students have become involved in programs and events that could truly make a positive difference in their community.” – Kirsten O. and Harry S. (parents of Grade 11 student Jonas S.)

All high school students are eligible to take EEI at the CT Centre. There are currently students from eight different high schools that are registered in this program. This program also offers both a dual credit Social 20/CTS and Social 30/CTS course. Both of these social courses have a focus on resource management, and are a more hands on version of social studies. For any students in Grade 9-12 that don’t have space in their schedule, or are looking to gain additional high school CTS credits, EEI also offers a weekly night class running Thursday nights from 6-9 pm!

If you have any questions about the above-mentioned courses, feel free to contact the Career and Technology Centre/Central Memorial High School, or email Adam Robb (acrobb@cbe.ab.ca).