Queen Elizabeth High School Student Helps Girls in Need

Jun. 01, 2020

YYC Youth Helping Youth is a start-up organization based in Calgary, Alberta. Its kick-off project is to make feminine hygiene care packages to provide to young girls who are in need during this pandemic.

This project was initiated by Deepsimran Braich, a 17-year-old student from Queen Elizabeth High School, when she was talking to one of her friends, who shared her difficulty in accessing feminine hygiene care products during these difficult times. With the financial struggle in the family and the inability to go outside to purchase these products, it was creating a negative impact on her mental health.

Deep then began going out of her home without her parents knowing and purchasing products from her three years of work money, and chores, to buy sanitary products for her friends. She would try to buy her favorite products and those that were scented, to help the girl who would get the product to feel pampered.

Deep believes that the small things can bring happiness to someone’s lives, and really bring hope during these difficult times. When the number of requests grew from her friend circle, she knew she couldn’t hide it from her parents any longer, but to her surprise Deep gained the full support of her family with this initially small project. They were able to help her gain more resources and add more items to the care packages.

The project is still growing and working on providing more care packages to girls around the city. The organization Youth Helping Youth is hoping to get more donations from the community, either from actual products, e-transfers or making of the kits. For more information please email: calgaryyouthhelp@gmail.com.

The Youth help Youth project was highlighted by Livewire Calgary.