School Patroller Recognized for Protecting a Student in the Crosswalk

Jan. 20, 2019

A Grade 6 patrol lieutenant from Earl Grey School was recently presented with a Calgary Police Service “positive ticket” for preventing a young student from running into traffic.

The school constable, Gary Hartmann, heard about the quick thinking of McCartin B. while on patrols. The patroller stopped an excited young student from running out into traffic by quickly using his guardian patrol stance arm. He guided the young student back to safety on the sidewalk. The patrol stop signs were not out and it was not a safe time to proceed across the street. McCartin said that “being a school patroller is a good experience - to know you are leading people to safety”.

The positive ticket can be redeemed for free admission to any Calgary Recreation facility. We are so proud of McCartin and appreciate Constable Hartmann’s continued support in facilitating the training of our strong patrol team!