The Stars Aligned for Grade 4 Student’s Mask Design

Dec. 04, 2020

Kennedy D., a Grade 4 student at W.O. Mitchell School, entered a student art contest this summer sponsored by Jack 96.9 FM. The contest was to design a face mask. The prize for the winning design was 200 face masks for the winner’s school. Kennedy’s design received the most votes for her age category. As it is easy to find math problems anywhere, it was quickly discovered that Kennedy prize is worth $3,000 to the school!

Our generous school council, in celebration of Kennedy and her contribution to our school community, purchased enough masks so that every person, student and adult, could have a mask (yes, there are names on each one).

Kennedy’s design is grounded in her love of the night sky, and the stars that shine down on us. She imagines that the stars are not just twinkling over us, but smiling over us, and that we are smiling under our masks.

Kennedy, the inspiration for your design makes us all smile, as does your generosity. Thank you for taking the initiative from which our entire community has benefitted.