What You Need to Know about Cannabis and the CBE

Oct. 14, 2018

​Cannabis will be legalized and regulated across Canada On Oct. 17, 2018.

This change in legislation does not change our expectations for staff and students.

  • Students arrive - and remain - fit and ready to learn
  • Employees arrive - and remain - fit and ready to perform work

We currently have administrative regulations in place that govern student conduct, employee conduct and a smoke-free environment. These regulations also cover our volunteers.

We have updated these regulations to reflect the change in legislation.

Employees are required to follow our employee code of conduct, which states that employees shall not be under the influence of, or provide others with alcohol, cannabis, cannabis-infused products or illegal drugs while on work premises or performing work related duties. Also, this regulation requires that employees report to work fit to conduct their duties.

​Student cannabis use at school is unacceptable as per the student code of conduct. This includes students 18 and older.

If a student is required to use a prescribed medication including medical marijuana during school hours, the parents, student and school must follow the steps outlined in AR 6002, Student Health Services

Volunteers must comply with CBE policies, regulations and any school rules, so must also follow the employee code of conduct when volunteering with the CBE.

Additionally, all facilities and property owned and operated by the CBE are smoke-free environments.

We believe our regulations align with the new legislation but will continually review to ensure they meet the requirements. ​​​​​