What’s in Your Backpack?

Jun. 26, 2018

​The Calgary Reads’ What’s in My Backpack? literacy night was filled with great food, fun literacy activities and quality time spent with family for kindergarten to Grade 3 students We had an overwhelming response from honoured guests at Books for Kids and Corporate Partnerships, the Area 1 Office, Calgary Reads and community families to attend this unprecedented event on Wednesday, May 9 at Terrace Road School.

Students had the opportunity to pre-select a donated book to include in their personalized backpack. Beginning this week, students will exchange their backpacks with peers to spread the joy of reading and to complete student and family created activities such as a word search, memory game, and feedback journal.

Our students and parents thoroughly enjoyed the evening:

“It was so great. It was good for the parents to have the tip sheets and it gave us a lot of tools to use with our kids. The most important part was to show the parents how to get engaged and involved.” (kindergarten parent).

“I liked how we got a book in a bag with the activities and the activities were fun. It was a lot of work to get it set up. I helped with putting the books in the bags and putting name tags on.” (Grade 3 student).

This was an amazing experience for all involved and we appreciate the support of our Terrace Road School staff and school council in sharing our love of literacy with our community family.