William Aberhart High School Receives $9,900 Grant From GoodLife Kids Foundation at Spin4Kids Event

Apr. 11, 2017

William Aberhart High School’s Access and Lead Programs (ALP) received a $9,900 grant from the GoodLife Kids Foundation at a Spin4Kids event and ceremony held at Southcentre Mall on Saturday, March 4.

The GoodLife Kids Foundation is dedicated to providing opportunities for students with special needs to engage in ongoing, daily physical activity. The grant money was used to purchase specialized physical literacy equipment to assist students in the ALP programs to be more active throughout the day, despite physical and intellectual challenges they face.

The GoodLife Kids Foundation grant program is made possible thanks to the generous fundraising efforts of the participants of the GoodLife Spin4Kids event. The presentation on March 4 was an opportunity for the teachers at William Aberhart to share with the broader community the positive impact that has been made on these children's lives as a result of this additional funding.