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COVID-19 Notifications

CBE schools rely on Alberta Health Services (AHS) notification of confirmed COVID-19 cases that were infectious while at school. When schools notify their communities of possible exposure to COVID-19, it will be noted on this page.

AHS will determine if a school reaches outbreak status (10 or more confirmed cases within a 14 day period that were infectious while at school). When AHS declares an outbreak due to any illness during the 2021-22 school year it will be noted on this page. In the event of an outbreak, families will receive notification by letter from AHS, distributed by the school.

Families who receive this letter should review the information carefully. Please monitor your children for signs of illness and keep them home from school if they are sick, and call AHS at 811 with any questions.

AHS determines the length of the outbreak period. ​

For more information, please refer to the Alberta government's COVID-19 School Status  page and Guidance for Respiratory Illness Prevention and Management in Schools.

 Dec. 2021 | Positive Case Notifications

Expand/Collapse Month : December 2021 ‎(27)
Brentwood SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Brentwood SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Cedarbrae SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Colonel Walker SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Cranston SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Ethel M. Johnson SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Fairview SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Lord Beaverbrook High SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Maple Ridge SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Nelson Mandela High SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Olympic Heights SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Queen Elizabeth High SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Riverbend SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
R.T. Alderman SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Rundle SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Woodlands SchoolPositive Case12/2/2021
Colonel J. Fred Scott SchoolPositive Case12/1/2021
Colonel J. Fred Scott SchoolPositive Case12/1/2021
David Thompson SchoolPositive Case12/1/2021
Dr. Gordon Higgins SchoolPositive Case12/1/2021
Edgemont SchoolPositive Case12/1/2021
Ethel M. Johnson SchoolPositive Case12/1/2021
Huntington Hills SchoolPositive Case12/1/2021
Ian Bazalgette SchoolPositive Case12/1/2021
Le Roi Daniels SchoolPositive Case12/1/2021
R.T. Alderman SchoolPositive Case12/1/2021
Woodlands SchoolPositive Case12/1/2021

 Nov. 2021 | Positive Case Notifications

Expand/Collapse Month : November 2021 ‎(332)
Auburn Bay SchoolPositive Case11/30/2021
Captain John Palliser SchoolPositive Case11/30/2021
David Thompson SchoolPositive Case11/30/2021
McKenzie Lake SchoolPositive Case11/30/2021
New Brighton SchoolPositive Case11/30/2021
West Springs SchoolPositive Case11/30/2021
Western Canada High SchoolPositive Case11/30/2021
Woodlands SchoolPositive Case11/30/2021
Annie Gale SchoolPositive Case11/29/2021
Auburn Bay SchoolPositive Case11/29/2021
Brentwood SchoolPositive Case11/29/2021
Buffalo Rubbing Stone SchoolPositive Case11/29/2021
Citadel Park SchoolPositive Case11/29/2021
Colonel J. Fred Scott SchoolPositive Case11/29/2021
Ernest Manning High SchoolPositive Case11/29/2021
Mayland Heights SchoolPositive Case11/29/2021
R.T. Alderman SchoolPositive Case11/29/2021
Sibylla Kiddle SchoolPositive Case11/29/2021
Sir Winston Churchill High SchoolPositive Case11/29/2021
Buffalo Rubbing Stone SchoolPositive Case11/28/2021
Erin Woods SchoolPositive Case11/28/2021
Joane Cardinal-Schubert High SchoolPositive Case11/28/2021
Mountain Park SchoolPositive Case11/28/2021
Arbour Lake SchoolPositive Case11/27/2021
Beddington Heights SchoolPositive Case11/27/2021
Colonel Irvine SchoolPositive Case11/27/2021
Colonel Walker SchoolPositive Case11/27/2021
David Thompson SchoolPositive Case11/27/2021
Ethel M. Johnson SchoolPositive Case11/27/2021
Ian Bazalgette SchoolPositive Case11/27/2021
Maple Ridge SchoolPositive Case11/27/2021
Marshall Springs SchoolPositive Case11/27/2021
Mayland Heights SchoolPositive Case11/27/2021
Olympic Heights SchoolPositive Case11/27/2021
Sam Livingston SchoolPositive Case11/27/2021
Woodlands SchoolPositive Case11/27/2021
Woodlands SchoolPositive Case11/27/2021
Annie Foote SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
Buffalo Rubbing Stone SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
Auburn Bay SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
Cappy Smart SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
Captain Nichola Goddard SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
Colonel Irvine SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
Crescent Heights High SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
Dr. Gordon Higgins SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
Dr. Martha Cohen SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
Sherwood SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
Sir Winston Churchill High SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
Sundance SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
West Ridge SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
West Springs SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
Woodbine SchoolPositive Case11/26/2021
Andrew Sibbald SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Auburn Bay SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Children's Village SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Copperfield SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Dr. George Stanley SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Dr. J.K. Mulloy SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Earl Grey SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Georges P. Vanier SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Lake Bonavista SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Midnapore SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Monterey Park SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Mountain Park SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Queen Elizabeth High SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Queen Elizabeth SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Sam Livingston SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Woodbine SchoolPositive Case11/25/2021
Capitol Hill SchoolPositive Case11/24/2021
Chaparral SchoolPositive Case11/24/2021
Dalhousie SchoolPositive Case11/24/2021
Dr. George Stanley SchoolPositive Case11/24/2021
Dr. Gordon Higgins SchoolPositive Case11/24/2021
Dr. J.K. Mulloy SchoolPositive Case11/24/2021
Earl Grey SchoolPositive Case11/24/2021
Jennie Elliott SchoolPositive Case11/24/2021
Mayland Heights SchoolPositive Case11/24/2021
Queen Elizabeth SchoolPositive Case11/24/2021
Riverbend SchoolPositive Case11/24/2021
Woodbine SchoolPositive Case11/24/2021
Cranston SchoolPositive Case11/23/2021
Dr. George Stanley SchoolPositive Case11/23/2021
Mountain Park SchoolPositive Case11/23/2021
Riverbend SchoolPositive Case11/23/2021
Cedarbrae SchoolPositive Case11/22/2021
Colonel Irvine SchoolPositive Case11/22/2021
Henry Wise Wood High SchoolPositive Case11/22/2021
Jennie Elliott SchoolPositive Case11/22/2021
John Ware SchoolPositive Case11/22/2021
Lester B. Pearson High SchoolPositive Case11/22/2021
Panorama Hills SchoolPositive Case11/22/2021
Sir Wilfrid Laurier SchoolPositive Case11/22/2021
Woodbine SchoolPositive Case11/22/2021
Woodlands SchoolPositive Case11/22/2021
Auburn Bay SchoolPositive Case11/21/2021
Bishop Pinkham SchoolPositive Case11/21/2021
Chris Akkerman SchoolPositive Case11/21/2021
Erin Woods SchoolPositive Case11/21/2021
Ernest Morrow SchoolPositive Case11/21/2021
Keeler SchoolPositive Case11/21/2021
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 Oct. 2021 | Positive Case Notifications

Expand/Collapse Month : October 2021 ‎(128)
Mayland Heights SchoolPositive Case10/31/2021
Lake Bonavista SchoolPositive Case10/31/2021
Simon Fraser SchoolPositive Case10/31/2021
Henry Wise Wood High SchoolPositive Case10/31/2021
Belvedere Parkway SchoolPositive Case10/31/2021
Glenbrook SchoolPositive Case10/31/2021
A.E. Cross SchoolPositive Case10/31/2021
Kenneth D. Taylor SchoolPositive Case10/31/2021
Jack James High SchoolPositive Case10/30/2021
Sherwood SchoolPositive Case10/30/2021
University SchoolPositive Case10/30/2021
Mount Royal SchoolPositive Case10/30/2021
Cranston SchoolPositive Case10/30/2021
Rundle SchoolPositive Case10/28/2021
Valley View SchoolPositive Case10/28/2021
Sherwood SchoolPositive Case10/28/2021
Elboya SchoolPositive Case10/28/2021
New Brighton SchoolPositive Case10/28/2021
Mountain Park SchoolPositive Case10/28/2021
Ranchlands SchoolPositive Case10/28/2021
Rundle SchoolPositive Case10/27/2021
Sherwood SchoolPositive Case10/27/2021
R.T. Alderman SchoolPositive Case10/27/2021
Sir John A. Macdonald SchoolPositive Case10/27/2021
Sir Winston Churchill High SchoolPositive Case10/27/2021
Mount Royal SchoolPositive Case10/27/2021
Marion Carson SchoolPositive Case10/27/2021
Bowness High SchoolPositive Case10/27/2021
Central Memorial High SchoolPositive Case10/27/2021
Arbour Lake SchoolPositive Case10/27/2021
Sam Livingston SchoolPositive Case10/26/2021
John G. Diefenbaker High SchoolPositive Case10/26/2021
All Boys ProgramPositive Case10/26/2021
King George SchoolPositive Case10/26/2021
Glendale SchoolPositive Case10/26/2021
Glendale SchoolPositive Case10/26/2021
Christine Meikle SchoolPositive Case10/26/2021
Alex Munro SchoolPositive Case10/25/2021
Central Memorial High SchoolPositive Case10/25/2021
Maple Ridge SchoolPositive Case10/25/2021
Sam Livingston SchoolPositive Case10/25/2021
Forest Lawn High SchoolPositive Case10/24/2021
Alex Munro SchoolPositive Case10/24/2021
Colonel Sanders SchoolPositive Case10/24/2021
Dr. Martha Cohen SchoolPositive Case10/24/2021
Hidden Valley SchoolPositive Case10/24/2021
William D. Pratt SchoolPositive Case10/24/2021
Sir Wilfrid Laurier SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
Erin Woods SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
Georges P. Vanier SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
John G. Diefenbaker High SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
King George SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
Ethel M. Johnson SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
Westgate SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
Citadel Park SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
Arbour Lake SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
Arbour Lake SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
Royal Oak SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
Grant MacEwan SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
Crossing Park SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
Crossing Park SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
Manmeet Singh Bhullar SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
Peter Lougheed SchoolPositive Case10/23/2021
Annie Foote SchoolPositive Case10/22/2021
Annie Foote SchoolPositive Case10/22/2021
Alex Munro SchoolPositive Case10/22/2021
Maple Ridge SchoolPositive Case10/22/2021
Branton SchoolPositive Case10/22/2021
Queen Elizabeth High SchoolPositive Case10/22/2021
Marion Carson SchoolPositive Case10/22/2021
Central Memorial High SchoolPositive Case10/22/2021
Twelve Mile Coulee SchoolPositive Case10/22/2021
Chris Akkerman SchoolPositive Case10/21/2021
Ian Bazalgette SchoolPositive Case10/21/2021
Balmoral SchoolPositive Case10/21/2021
William Roper Hull SchoolPositive Case10/21/2021
Dr. Martha Cohen SchoolPositive Case10/21/2021
Simons Valley SchoolPositive Case10/21/2021
Jack James High SchoolPositive Case10/20/2021
Riverbend SchoolPositive Case10/20/2021
Balmoral SchoolPositive Case10/20/2021
William Aberhart High SchoolPositive Case10/20/2021
Belvedere Parkway SchoolPositive Case10/20/2021
Citadel Park SchoolPositive Case10/20/2021
Arbour Lake SchoolPositive Case10/20/2021
Alternative High SchoolPositive Case10/19/2021
Ernest Manning High SchoolPositive Case10/19/2021
Sibylla Kiddle SchoolPositive Case10/19/2021
Ramsay SchoolPositive Case10/19/2021
Lester B. Pearson High SchoolPositive Case10/18/2021
James Fowler High SchoolPositive Case10/18/2021
Colonel Irvine SchoolPositive Case10/18/2021
Captain John Palliser SchoolPositive Case10/18/2021
Cecil Swanson SchoolPositive Case10/18/2021
Senator Patrick Burns SchoolPositive Case10/18/2021
Braeside SchoolPositive Case10/18/2021
New Brighton SchoolPositive Case10/18/2021
Bowness High SchoolPositive Case10/18/2021
Glamorgan SchoolPositive Case10/18/2021
Coventry Hills SchoolPositive Case10/18/2021
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