Going To We Day

Nov. 07, 2014

​Submitted by Brittany Hermawan, Simon Fraser Student

Applying for We Day is definitely something I will never regret. I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to attend We Day for the past two years. We Day is an event dedicated to making a positive impact and empowering future generations. Hundreds of students from different schools across Alberta spend a day in the Saddledome to attend the event. There are guest speakers that come to motivate the students and musical artists perform as well. Yes, it is like a concert, but it is way more than that.

As I stepped into the stadium, I already felt something. As students gathered into the stadium, I felt a sense of unity. We were all together in the same are, for the purpose of making a difference in the world. That purpose made me feel connected to everyone. We aren’t just students from different schools, we are the future generation. I felt like we were all together in a global movement. The cheers and claps all morphed together. We were all dancing and celebrating together.

Every minute I spent in We Day was absolutely worth is. The organization, presentations, speeches, music and everything were so outstanding. The presentations were relatable and interesting. Little kits were given to us to we could start being the change. The videos they played were very well done and really captured my eye. The way they were presented was really creative, like how they made We Day into a class on empowerment. The crowd pumpers and dancers put a lot of energy and excitement in the audience. I wasn’t bored at all. It was just perfect.

On the surface, We Day seems to be a day just to influence and encourage the youth to make change. It’s far beyond that. At my age, we have times of hopelessness, fear and disbelief. Global issues such as poverty, lack of clean water, food, healthcare and bullying all seem impossible to solve. It can be hard to believe that one person can really make a difference. At first, I felt like we have no power to solve these issues, that we don’t have enough say to stop these issues, but we do. We Day shows us the power that lies inside everyone. It taught me the impact I can make by doing something simple. Every time I go, I feel powerful, like I can do anything.

Not only were the presentations captivating, but the energy was extraordinary. Everyone was cheering, dancing and clapping. The Saddledome was filled with good positive vibes. The energy and atmosphere in the stadium were so inspirational. Everyone was excited and having fun. There was hope, excitement, passion and power in the air. There was a hope for a better future, passion to change, and power to take action. Most importantly, I felt inspired. I couldn’t wait to start making a change in the world.

We Day will be an event I will always remember. There, I learned so many important lessons. I felt so inspired and empowered. I love We Day; it is definitely one of my favourite days.  

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Video by Patrick Ward