Alberta Computers for Schools | June 2016 Lighthouse Award

Jun. 20, 2016

Alberta Computers for Schools (ACFS) is part of a Canada-wide initiative providing refurbished computers at no cost to recipients such as Canadian schools, public libraries, and other non-profit learning organizations. Over the last three years, ACFS has provided CBE with over 400 laptops which have been distributed to our students based on financial need. These donated laptops supplement educational activities, both in and out of the classroom, as the laptops are given to selected students and families for fulltime use.

Having the ability to use a computer effectively is an important part of being successful in today’s society and in a student’s education. Many families do not have the financial ability to provide this essential tool for their child.  For the CBE, this program ensures that all students have equity of access to the technology necessary in supporting and enhancing student success. These computers provide students providing access to technology assisted learning opportunities that would not otherwise be available to them.

The partnership we have created with Alberta Computers for Schools has enabled us to address a very significant need in our community. Having access to technology has become essential for all children/students. A program such as this allows the CBE to address this need and to ensure that our students have equal access both at school and at home.

ACFS is an exemplary model of cooperation between the Alberta Government, the Federal Government, the private sector and educational partners. The Calgary Board of Education is very proud of our partnership with Alberta Computers for School and the service to our students. We would like to recognize the ACFS for their outstanding support to students not only in Calgary but all of Alberta.

“I would like to highlight the sensitivity of Alberta Computers for Schools about the impact on children learning of the recent Wood Buffalo Wild fires, in the heat of the moment that affected so deeply Fort McMurray, they responded as well as many people and organizations in a way that is unlike anything we've ever seen before.”           
Parent of family relocated from Fort McMurray Wildfires to Calgary