Exciting new school year beings

Sep. 02, 2014

The Calgary Board of Education is delighted to be starting an exciting new year of teaching and learning.

“The beginning of a new school year is a special time—a fresh start for students and schools,” says David Stevenson, Chief Superintendent of Schools. “Welcome back to all our returning students—and welcome to the many new students who are joining us for the first time this year. Together with our schools, teachers, students, parents and community, we will make this year the best we can.”

The CBE expects to welcome almost 114,00 students at our 228 schools this year, an increase of more than 3,000 students from the previous year. Final figures won’t be known until the end of September, but it’s projected we’ll have record enrolment.

As always, our focus will be on student success. “Every student deserves an education that will enable him or her to complete high school with a foundation of learning necessary to thrive in life, work and continued learning,” said Joy Bowen-Eyre, chair of the Board of Trustees. “The start of a new school year is an opportunity for us to recommit to our mission.”