Find Your 2016-17 Yellow School Bus Stop

Jul. 28, 2016

Thank you to all of the parents/guardians who submitted their transportation pre-registration by the June 12 deadline. The overwhelming response allowed the CBE Transportation Department to build yellow school bus routes sooner, giving families more time to plan for the new school year.

We started posting route maps to our website on July 25. If you do not see the route map for your child please check back regularly as we are continuing to add maps daily. Modified calendar route maps have been posted. Regular and alternative program route maps are currently being added. You can print your route map off the website or pick it up from your school when it opens.

Routes are based on pre-registrations received by the June 12 deadline. If you did not submit a pre-registration, your address was not considered in the route design and therefore your child’s yellow school bus stop may be beyond the travel distance guidelines. We will not make changes to routes until after October 10, 2016.

Parents/guardians who submitted a pre-registration will receive a confirmation email in September. You can cancel your transportation pre-registration with no financial penalty by filling in the cancellation option and replying to the email before Sept. 30, 2016.

Learn more about transportation service levels for 2016-17.

Parents of children with complex learning needs who require specialized transportation will receive a call from the bus operator one week before school starts. The maps for these routes will not be posted due to privacy laws.

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