KidsCAN School Day

Oct. 03, 2014

On Sept. 27, the Talisman Center welcomed over 750 CBE students as they took part in the ninth annual KidsCAN School Day hosted by 40 Canadian Olympic athletes. KidsCAN School Day is designed to promote the importance of physical activity, provide children the opportunity to try their hand at a wide variety of sports, and inspire them with side-by-side training from Canadian athletes.

The day kicked off with an energizing pep rally followed by an inspiring speech by the Honourable Bal Gosal, Minister of State (Sport).  With a list of 40 fun-filled activities on the menu ranging from fencing to synchronized swimming, students could hardly wait to make their way to their first stations.

Each station provided students with a completely different experience accompanied by a Canadian medallist in the sport. Athletes worked directly with each student to develop the basic skills in each activity while promoting the importance of teamwork and goal setting. Jeff Teutsch, Orienteering medalist and four-year KidsCAN School Day athlete explains, “KidsCAN School Day and is truly an equal exchange opportunity. Kids receive the opportunity to be not only be introduced to sports they have never tried before, but also introduces them to activities they didn’t realize could be a sport, such as orienteering and lifesaving. We as athletes also receive the opportunity spire youth in something we are passionate about.”

The day was truly a celebration of physical activity and a testament to hard work and determination. A sincere thank you to AthletesCAN, True Sport, and the athletes who so generously donated their time to make this inspiring day for our students happen.


CBE students welcome Canadian Olympic athletes for KidsCAN School Day pep rally


CBE students receiving handball instruction from Canadian athlete

CBE students receiving handball instruction from Canadian athlete