Mini-schools proposal released

Jun. 27, 2014

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CALGARY—On Wednesday June 25 2014, the Board of Trustees sent a letter to the Province of Alberta containing a proposal for an Interim Capital Plan for 2014/15.  This proposes an approach for the construction of several temporary modular schools to meet the needs of Calgary’s growing communities. The full cost of the proposal is $43 million.  Following confirmation of receipt by the government, these communications have now been approved for public release by the Board of Trustees.

This letter and plan were developed following conversations with Jeff Johnson, Minister of Education on June 20, 2014. The Board of Trustees reviewed and approved the Interim Capital Plan at its meeting Tuesday, June 24, and the letter was sent to Ministers Johnson and Wayne Drysdale, Alberta Minister of Infrastructure on Wednesday, June 25. Due to the speed of this process, details of the proposal are preliminary and may change.

The plan proposes the construction of temporary modular schools in accordance with the priority ranking identified in the CBE Three-Year School Capital Plan 2015-18, approved by the Board of Trustees on April 1, 2014. It recommends carrying out complete design work for the permanent schools so the initial smaller modular schools can be built in a way that fits in with the future school construction.

The proposal identifies six projects:

  • West Springs middle school design and mini school,
  • Southeast high school design,
  • Saddle Ridge elementary school design and mini school,
  • Cranston middle school design and mini school
  • Aspen Woods elementary school design and mini school, and
  • Westgate elementary school modular addition

The proposal has been received by the Ministers. The proposal will be subject to further consideration and discussion with government officials.

The Board of Trustees looks forward to working with the Province on this initiative.

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