Multicultural Night at Panorama Hills School Celebrates the Diversity of Our Communities

Jun. 21, 2016

Panorama Hills School students reflect the diversity of their community. There are 21 different languages spoken by Panorama Hills families. On June 2, the Panorama Hills School community celebrated this diversity in Imagine the World Together as One, an exciting and vibrant evening of cultural performances and activities.

Attendees included parents, staff, student representatives of the community and CBE Area II Director Darlene Unruh.

Students wore traditional dress to welcome visitors into their school. The evening began with a dynamic Chinese Lion Dance by the Jing Ho Cultural Association. Other performances included Bollywood and Chinese dancing, Chinese and Wushu martial arts, West African Drumming, Mehndi body art, Benali music and a Dadu game demonstration.

Student displays and art work filled the hallways and booths were represented and manned by Calgary Police Service (Stay Smart Stay Safe), Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids, Calgary Public Library, Alberta Health Services, Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association and Captain Nicola Goddard School Council.
Families took home copies of the Panorama Hills School Cookbook, a collection of 250 globally inspired recipes submitted by the families at Panorama Hills School. This cookbook was the product of an award winning collaboration with Entrepreneurial Adventure (an educational initiative sponsored by The Learning Partnership. This project raised $1600 for Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids, an local charity that helps to feed 2,900 students in Calgary schools each day.

Panorama Hills School Assistant Principal Jane Gibson said, “It was a special night and gave families and community resources an opportunity to showcase and share traditional clothing, dance, song and art from around the world. It was fun, exciting and has been a success!”