New CBE Schools Opening this September

Aug. 18, 2016

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CALGARY – After years of planning and months of construction, the Calgary Board of Education is making final preparations to welcome students to new schools in September. The new facilities are hives of activity as furniture and desks are moved in and assembled, computers hooked up, books put on shelves and principals and teachers are preparing for the first day of classes.

The CBE will open several new schools in September.

  • Auburn Bay School, K-4
  • Buffalo Rubbing Stone School, K-4 (Panorama Hills)
  • Copperfield School, K-4
  • Kenneth D. Taylor School, K-4 (Evanston)
  • New Brighton School, K-4
  • Nelson Mandela High School, Gr. 10-12 (Northeast)
  • Peter Lougheed School, Gr. 5-9 (Saddle Ridge)
  • William D. Pratt School, Gr. 4-9 (Rocky Ridge/Royal Oak)
  • Jack James High School Modernization
  • Bowness High School Modernization

These new schools will provide 6,600 new student spaces in new and developing communities.

“We are excited to be opening the first set of new schools next month.  These new facilities will not only benefit the students who are attending them, but also the community as these schools grow into hubs of activity,” said Chief Superintendent David Stevenson.

Buffalo Rubbing Stone School will open on Sept. 26, instead of Sept. 6. Students will be temporarily located at either Alex Munro School or Panorama Hills School depending on their grade. Peter Lougheed School will open during the first week of school, but it will be a few days late. These opening delays are due to various construction challenges and inclement weather.

“We are working closely with the families of these schools to provide updates on construction and contingency plans for students,” said Dany Breton, superintendent facilities and environmental services.

Modernization projects at Bowness and Jack James high schools have also been completed to enhance career and technology spaces as well as improving other areas and classrooms in the school. We are very pleased that construction on Bowness High School was expedited and is opening four months ahead of schedule.

  • Modernization of Jack James High School includes additions and upgrades to auto body, building trades, horticulture and child care spaces.
  • Modernization of Bowness High School includes a new wing of classrooms, a culinary arts classroom and a robotics lab, as well as automotive and wood shop upgrades.

We also have several new schools that will use a “school within a school” model until their buildings are ready in January. Principals, teachers, staff and students for these schools will be together from the start of the school year and will move to their new schools when they are ready to open.

The schools opening in January include:

  • Aboriginal Learning Centre, Pre-K-3 (modernization)
  • Christine Meikle School, Gr. 7-12 (replacement)
  • Dr. George Stanley School, Gr. 4-9 (Cranston)
  • Dr. Martha Cohen School, Gr. 5-9 (Copperfield/New Brighton)
  • Dr. Roberta Bondar School, K-6 (Aspen Woods)
  • Elbow Park, K-6 (replacement)
  • Eric Harvie School, K-4 (Tuscany)
  • Hugh A. Bennett School, K-4 (Saddle Ridge)
  • McKenzie Highlands School, Gr. 4-9 (McKenzie Towne)
  • West Ridge School, Gr. 5-9 (West Springs/Cougar Ridge)

The schools listed above will provide more than 6,000 new and highly anticipated learning spaces.

Modernization work will begin this fall at James Fowler and Lord Beaverbrook high schools to enhance career and technology spaces in these schools.

The new CBE schools will provide much needed learning spaces and allow students to attend schools closer to their home communities.

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