Update for Families | Feb. 11, 2022

Feb. 11, 2022

​​​​update | COVID-19 Health Measures in CBE​​ Schools ​

Dear Parents and Guardians

Since Premier Kenney’s announcement about the lifting of COVID-19 health measures earlier this week, we have been looking carefully at how things will change in schools. Government will be updating its guidance documents for school boards and we will revise our health measures accordingly. As always, we will inform you of any changes before they take effect.


Starting on Monday, Feb. 14, students will no longer be required to wear masks while at school or while riding a yellow school bus. Masking will still be required for school staff, as well as all adult visitors and spectators in our facilities. Students over the age of 12 will also be required to wear masks while riding Calgary Transit.

While the province has mandated that students are no longer required to wear masks, your family can make their own decision. Your child may continue to wear a mask at school but this will not be monitored or enforced by school staff.

Visitors, Volunteers and Spectators in Schools

  • Visitors and volunteers in schools are no longer required to show proof of vaccination. This also applies to spectators at high school athletics.
  • Capacity limits for high school athletics were maintained this week, but are being reviewed. More information will be provided by schools next week.

Other Health Measures Still In Effect

  • Existing health measures, including enhanced cleaning, will continue at this time.
  • The Daily Health Checklist remains in place and families are asked to complete this to determine if your child is able to come to school. Anyone who is feeling unwell should continue to stay home.
  • Schools may continue to request transitions to online learning for individual classes and/or grades due to operational challenges.

I know that there are many different viewpoints about upcoming changes. I thank you in advance for respecting differences in opinion. We must continue to work together to support student learning and well-being. Thank you for your ongoing patience, kindness and cooperation.


Christopher Usih
Chief Superintendent of Schools