Water Main Break Impacting CBE Schools

Jun. 06, 2024

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​On the evening of Wednesday, June 5 an extensive water main break occurred in the community of Bowness. The City of Calgary says this is a significant break on a critical water main that moves water across the city. It has resulted in a boil water advisory for the community of Bowness.

The City of Calgary has also issued an advisory regarding water usage across Calgary, and CBE schools are encouraged to do their part to reduce water.​

Mandatory outdoor water restrictions are in place, requiring Calgarians to stop outdoor water use immediately to help reduce water demand on the system. This includes:

  • Water lawns, gardens, flowers, trees and shrubs with City water
  • Fill outdoor pools or hot tubs
  • Wash outdoor surfaces, including:
    • Windows
    • Exterior building surfaces
    • Sidewalks, driveways or walkways
  • Fill fountains or decorative water features
  • Wash your car in the driveway or street

The City of Calgary is also encouraging Calgarians to reduce non-essential indoor water use to help water treatment plants, rivers and reservoirs catch up with demand. This includes:

  • Using the dishwasher and washing machine only when required and with full loads
  • Turning off humidifiers, ice machines and automatic sprinkler systems
  • Scraping your plate clean rather than rinsing off food
  • Washing vegetables and fruit in a partially filled sink or pot and then rinse them quickly
  • Keep a jug of drinking water in your fridge. Don't run the tap to get ice-cold water
  • Turning off the tap when brushing teeth or shaving
  • Limiting showers to five minutes or less and keeping baths shallow

We will take direction from the Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) for any impacts on schools. While this situation is not ideal, students and staff are safe, and at this time, schools continue to be open. We thank you for your assistance as we comply with the City of Calgary's critical water supply alert.

This page will be updated as the situation evolves.

Morning June 11, 2024

Last night, the City of Calgary implemented a temporary solution that restored potable water to the Bowness community while repairs on the critical water main break continue. Alberta Health Services has tested the water and confirmed the tap water is now safe to drink in schools in the Bowness community. The water fountains at your child's schools will be open for use today. Outside of peak consumption hours, facility operators completed a five-minute flush of water lines (as advised by AHS) before reopening water fountains in schools.

The CBE is continuing to reduce school water use across the city. The City of Calgary's website has more details about ongoing water restrictions and ongoing repair work.

We are keeping contingency plans in place at schools in the Bowness community until the repairs to the water main break are complete, just in case there are changes that impact the school's water supply.

We do not anticipate any disruptions to learning or normal routines for the remainder of the week. If there are any changes, additional information will be shared. ​​

Afternoon June 7, 2024

Going into the weekend, we wanted to keep you updated about the impact of the critical water main break on schools in the Bowness community. The City of Calgary continues to work on the issue, and contingency plans at your child's school will remain in place until the issue is resolved. At this time, we anticipate classes and routines will continue as scheduled on Monday, June 10.​

Afternoon June 6, 2024

​The City of Calgary has communicated that it continues to work on the issue. For tomorrow, Friday, June 7, classes will continue as normal, and the contingency plan remains in place.  ​

Throughout the day today, impacted schools were able to use the washrooms as water pressure was sufficient.  

If there are any changes for Monday, June 10, additional information will be shared.​​​​

Morning June 6, 2024

The water main break has directly impacted six CBE schools.

  • Belvedere Parkway School

  • Bowcroft School

  • Bowness High School

  • Thomas B. Riley School

  • Two ​Wood's Homes sites and Discovering Choices – Bowness.

Earlier today, we connected with impacted families. Water has been shut off at these sites. Contingency plans will be put in place so that there will be no disruption in learning and classes will continue as scheduled today. Porta Potties and bottled water are available so students have drinking water and can access bathrooms.

A communication was also shared with all other CBE school communities to let them know there was no impact to date at their school.​​