Crescent Heights High School - Big School, Small Community

Nov. 17, 2014

When you enter Crescent Heights High School, it’s hard not to notice the colourful display of flags from around the world proudly hung from the ceiling of the cafeteria. This display is not merely decorative, but extremely meaningful, as the countries of origin of every student are represented by these flags. This visual symbolizes the importance the school places on each and every student.

Crescent Heights High School is a mosaic of diversity, but the school community is unified in its desire to create a place where people truly belong.  It’s a school where regardless of your background, you are valued and respected.

This environment is fostered by actively promoting student involvement and connection. The school regularly encourages students to take risks, give back to the community, join clubs and try out for teams. Teachers are also intentional about creating and fostering relationships with students so students feel they are valued and known.

This sense of community is a central part of the culture of the school. Students who enter in grades 9 and 10 see and benefit from the older students’ modelling this culture of respect and inclusion, and in turn, they too begin to embrace and replicate it. Crescent Heights may be a big school, but more importantly, it’s small community.

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